Leather is an extremely durable material which is naturally resistant to dirt; however, over time it will get dirty. How dirty depends on what the leather item is and how it has been used. Part of the pleasure of owning a leather product is its feel and appearance, so in order to derive the maximum enjoyment from your leather you need to ensure that you keep it clean.


Leather can be cleaned by using of any available cleaner appropriate to the type of leather. Always test in an unobtrusive area first before applying any cleaner or conditioner. Apply the cleaner with a soft, damp cloth, covering a complete section of the leather with a circular motion. Remove any surplus moisture with a second damp cloth before drying with a clean cloth. Allow the leather to dry naturally, but never in direct sunlight. Leather can be steam cleaned to remove germs and dirt but because steam cleaning does not penetrate the leather it will not be effective in removing stains.


Leather conditioner is a product designed to be easily absorbed by leather so that the fibers can be nourished and their natural flexibility restored. If leather loses its natural oils and moisture it loses its flexibility and starts to crack. Properly used, leather conditioners will help prevent this occurring. Leather conditioner can help keep leather soft and protected by lubricating the fibers and reducing friction. The conditioner will also help to protect the surface from stains and over time will deepen the color and enhance the patina. Normal leather conditioning needs to be done twice a year but leather that is often in the sun should be conditioned at least three or four times a year.


Put the conditioner onto a soft cloth, never directly onto the leather. Apply with a circular motion over a complete section of the leather. Buff with a soft, dry, white cloth and air dry before use. Apply too little rather than too much. A thin layer of conditioner will be sufficient. The leather should then be left to dry in a clean, cool place.


There is a huge selection of leather cleaners and conditioners on the market to choose from, however, as we prefer to use natural products only so our recommendation is to check out the products similar to Leather Honey TM. 

Please feel always free to contact our Customer Service Team with any questions about leather care. We shall be happy to share all and every our skill with you. 

Please note: It is advised that you always patch test a new leather care product on an inconspicuous area of the leather first, before applying it all over, as some products may alter the color of the leather in a way you are not happy with.