Remember when you were little girls. You liked to wear your mom’s shoes, put on her lipstick, sling her purse over your shoulder, which was full of treasures, for that little girl in you. Cosmetics, perfume, keychain, wallet. Leather wallets were another symbol of adulthood. How you wanted to have one just like it, to come to the store, pull out money from it, not from the pocket of your jacket, and proudly pay for your coffee and donuts.

Years have passed, and now you have your own bag and your own wallet. And now your daughter watches you as you take out your credit cards, membership cards from your wallet, how you easily and effortlessly hold this treasure in your hands, a part of the adult world, so familiar to you and so enticing to her. It smells of genuine leather and slightly of your perfume. It’s a symbol of maturity and independence. A sign that you can earn and pay for things yourself. So familiar to you and so intriguing to your girl.

Give her this feeling of status, this symbol of independence. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same style as yours. It can be bright in color - bold and fun like the Pink Trifold Leather Wallet for Women by Hedonist Chicago. It can be small in size - still a bit toy-like and yet real, like the Compact Zip Wallet by Hedonist Chicago. It can be subtle, or it can become a remarkable accessory for your teenage daughter.

Her first wallet - create this memory for her for many years. Make the gift memorable – personalize it by stamping her initials or words important to her Hedonist Chicago’s exclusive personalization service. She will later buy many other wallets for herself or receive them as gifts. But this one, the first one from you, she will remember, and maybe keep, forever.